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A unique research group composed of dedicated and professional researchers, ready to work and experiment on new projects.

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ALLab Work

Our Motivation and Work

Our laboratory

In our laboratory we aim to preserve a chill and colaborative work environment, striving to unite researchers and professors with PHD, Master and Bachelor students for colaborative work on researching projects.

Collaborate with professional researchers

ALLab is home to dedicated professionals are motivated on helping new researchers with their ongoing projects or on starting new ones. We also help with coming up with ideas for inovative and unique research projects.


We have connections to other research groups in the USA (Professor Madalena Costa, BIDMC, Harvard Medical School), in Portugal (IPCB, Superior Health School Dr. Lopes Dias, UTAD, Center for Research in Sport, Health and Human Development, Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies), and to QoE research groups in Europe through the IC0703 COST Action.

Recent Publications