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Vertical Jumping

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File Description

Each text file contains a number of samples from a jump experiment.
The first column contains a timestamp; the second, third and fourth column contain the accelerometer values for arbitrary X, Y and Z axes. The fifth column contains the value of the magnitude vector for the acceleration, calculated as the Euclidean Module of the vector whose components are the X, Y and Z values.

Acquisition Scenario

The test subject was instrumented with the BioPlux device and the accelerometer sensor, placed at his/her waist. No particular order or orientation was defined when placing the sensor.
There are different subjects performing this experiment.

Acquisition Hardware

  • Data acquisition system: bioPlux research (1000 Hz, 12 bits) and Smartphone
  • Sensor: Accelerometer sensor.

Data Format

Data is presented in a column-formatted text file. The relevant columns are:

  • column 1 - timestamp
  • column 2 - X value
  • column 3 - Y value
  • column 4 - Z value
  • column 5 - Euclidean module of the acceleration vector

Author / Source

  • Ivan Pires, MSc
  • this data was collected as part of the research work for the MSc dissertation on Computer Science Engineering, subject “Mobile application and web platform for support to the estimation of the energetic expenditure in physical activity” (Aplicação móvel e plataforma Web para suporte à estimação do gasto energétio em actividade física) (UBI, July 2012)
  • https://allab.di.ubi.pt/

File History

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