November 2016- Signals from the Gil experiment

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Collection and Analysis of BioSignals in Swimming

File Description

The experiment consisted in the development of an equipment to execute the collection of heart signs, signs of muscle stimulation and records of the body movement (basin).

Acquisition Hardware

The elements of the Board Kit BITalino were used as technical equipment, “For this equipment, the following data collection modules were assigned: an accelerometer, two electromyographers (one had to be removed from an extra Board Kit), an electrocardiograph and the processing modules, redistribution of information and power, respectively Microcontroller Unit (MCU), Bluetooth Connectivity (BT) and power (PWR).” After each module has been coated with silicone, given that the central module where the processing module, redistribution of information and power, Bluetooth connectivity and power were has been covered with cotton, insulating bags and the swimmer's own bonnet.

File History

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