November 2016- Signals from the Sandra experiment

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Timed Up and Go

File Description

Mobility test, Timed Up and Go test, at the same time that biosignals were evaluated with the use of Electromyography sensors and accelerometer. Four muscles were evaluated with the EMG (Electromyography): Biceps Femoris, Rectus Femoris, Rectus Abdominis, Iliocostalis Lumborum and the speed of the head movement was evaluated with the accelerometer. The study was carried out by 35 seniors, each one of them did the TUG three times with an interval of 30 seconds.

Acquisition Hardware

  • Bioplux

File History

Data Format

  • 4th column - axis x of the accelerometer
  • 5th column - axis y of the accelerometer
  • 6th column - axis z of the accelerometer
  • 7th column – EMG of the Biceps Femoris muscle
  • 8th column - EMG of the Rectus Femoris muscle
  • 9th column – EMG of the Rectus Abdominis muscle
  • 10th column – EMG of the Iliocostalis Lumborum muscle
  • All the columns with values of zero are referring to bioplux channels that were not connected.
  • Each file corresponds to one person

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