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How to make a list of data files

The data dropped in the "dados" folder can be viewed in the site by using the following wiki tag:

< mostradados ></ mostradados >

(without the spaces)

In order to see files in a sub-folder just wright the sub-folder name inside the wiki tag ex:

< mostradados >saltos/Saltos</ mostradados >

(without the spaces)

Here's how it looks like (this example shows the main "dados" folder):

The following list is generated automatically:
Name Size Date/time*
SMS_agent [Folder] June 20 2014 19:28:46
dadosDiscoNG [Folder] September 12 2012 13:39:20
felizardo [Folder] September 12 2011 13:12:44
saltos [Folder] November 12 2013 04:33:59
*when it was last modified
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